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Phantasia is the 300AD's interpretation of the match-three bubbles game
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Phantasia is an arcade game developed by 300AD. The game uses the familiar match-three-spheres/bubbles-of the-same-color gameplay. Unlike other games with a similar formula, it does not offer any twist or turns. Its plain and simple. However, there is a side story. You are a hero that came to help the dwarves of Phantasia. An evil wizard wanted to take control of the Kigndom of Phantasia, so in order to continue with his plan he trapped the dwarves inside his castle. Of course, the dwarves are trapped inside of some spheres you should clear out. In the game, as you would expect, colored spheres are coming down from the top of the screen, and you should shoot other spheres, trying to match three or more of the same color so you can eliminate them as well as the spheres underneath. There are plenty of power-ups and bonus coins during gameplay, making the game enjoyable. It also has a superb presentation and the graphics and music is excellent. However, there isn't anything really substantial allowing you to choose this game over other ones with the same formula.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Good presentation
  • Nice graphics
  • Good Music


  • Used arcade formula
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